A gang of huge beggars ruined a picnic for an Australian family (8 photos)

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24 April 2024

A picnic in nature is great. But sometimes its inhabitants can ruin your holiday a little. At sea, these could be, for example, annoying seagulls. Mosquitoes can bite you in the forest, and even ticks have woken up! But in Australia... you understand. However, the locals are used to it. For example, a gang of huge beggars ruined a family’s picnic and forced them to move to another place. Well, considering the local fauna, the guys were very lucky, because the night guests turned out to be harmless. Although people from our latitudes would probably be shocked.

At least fifty coconut crabs attacked the family! They are also called “palm thieves”, as these giants are excellent at climbing trees. They are also one of the largest terrestrial arthropods, whose body length can reach 40 centimeters! But under no circumstances should you eat them, since these crabs are protected in Australia as an endangered species. As a result, the guys had to leave them some of the food and look for a new place.

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