An American company has come up with a way to make its employees happy (5 photos)

16 April 2024

Long working hours, quarrelsome colleagues, low wages, the boss is a tyrant and mediocrity. This all becomes such nonsense if you accept the simple penny American...

In short, in the USA they decided that if employees were unhappy with their working conditions, then they should be given so-called party drugs, such as MDMA (ecstasy), psilocybin (“magic” mushrooms) and ketamine.

They are legalized and generally extremely beneficial for health, helping to cope with stress, anxiety, depression and whining about lack of money.

Indeed, why do you need money when everything around is a colored cartoon with pink dragons and other hallucinations.

Jorge Yant, founder of Plexis Healthcare Systems, told The Wall Street Journal that he began offering drug-assisted treatment to his employees through the charity startup Entea.

“I experimented with psychedelics myself and realized how it could benefit people,” Yant said.

Well, in general, his company conducted an anonymous survey on the topic of who spends how much on antidepressants. After studying it, the businessman decided to make a generous gesture to support his employees and, so that they would not spend money on medicine, give them free drugs, sorry, psychedelic therapy.

“Antidepressant use among my employees and their families has gone through the roof,” he said.

Yant said he believes the U.S. health care system places an overemphasis on prescription drugs and believes his workers could benefit from alternative therapies.

Sherry Rais, CEO of Entea, said that in the past year alone, more than a dozen companies have become interested in this method of increasing joy in their employees and have begun to use the method of Jorge Yant and his startup Entea. Plans for this year include attracting another 50 companies.

Entea offers ketamine treatment to its clients, and in the coming months will be able to pay for psilocybin treatment if they are outside Oregon or want to move to Oregon, where its medical use is now legal. Over time, they plan to expand the list of permitted drugs, naturally, with the permission of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Research.

Last year, 17% of employers reported that they were investing in psychedelic therapy solutions to improve the mental health of their workers, according to a survey by consulting firm benefits NFP cited by the WSJ.

To further convince people, they give examples: that even Elon Musk himself, one of the richest people in the world, uses ketamine for health reasons - to the point of saying that his use of the drug is beneficial to his investors.

Google co-founder Sergey Brin said he used psilocybin, while the late Steve Jobs was an ardent supporter of LSD.

And in vain, perhaps, billionaire Peter Thiel invested millions in ATAI Life Science, a company that deals with the use of hallucinogens in medicine, and last year Mets owner Steve Cohen donated $5 million to MAPS, the Multidisciplinary Association for the Study of Psychedelics. You have to win back the money.

But some doctors are still concerned about the risk of drug use. Deb Smolenski, head of wellbeing and engagement at NFP, said mental health had become the biggest issue among clients over the past three years and using drugs would not help the situation.

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