Lamborghini showed a personalized Revuelto hypercar (13 photos)

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13 April 2024

Lamborghini has unveiled an exclusive version of its flagship Revuelto hypercar, created as part of its Ad Personam personalization program. The unique hypercar is dedicated to the big Lamborghini Arena festival, which took place last weekend at the Imola circuit. Its premiere took place here.

The Revuelto's body was painted in a special shade of gray and decorated with bright green accents - they are used, for example, in the design of the brake calipers and aerodynamic tail. The lifting wing is finished in the colors of the Italian flag. Longitudinal stripes appeared on the body - according to the designers, they should emphasize the dynamism of the Revuelto. Some body parts are made of unpainted carbon fiber. The hypercar is shod with original black 21-inch front and 22-inch rear wheels.

The Revuelto's interior is decorated in a combination of black and the same shade of green that is used on the body. The interior contains numerous reminders of the event to which the hypercar is dedicated and its creators - for example, embroidery on the front panel with the contours of the Imola circuit and carbon trim with the inscriptions Lamborghini Arena 2024 and Ad Personam.

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