15 eloquent comparisons that don't need words (16 photos)

2 April 2024

Contrasting comparisons help draw attention to details that we usually do not notice: similarities with relatives, differences in the habits of women and men, or progress during renovation. In this post you will see some successful and unexpected comparisons. Take a look!

1. On the left is my side of the bed, and on the right is my husband's

2. The difference between photos is 24 hours

3. Grew up, but the character is still the same

4. Cooking before kids vs. cooking with two kids

5. When we move into a new house and when we finally unpack everything.

6. My mother sent me a photo in which I was 7 years old. I still love grilling

7. Grandmother and granddaughter

8. -40 °C, −44 °C, −53 °C

9. Before and after: I am very pleased with the result


11. Results of today's cleaning

12. An old thermometer and a modern one for meat. And the most interesting thing is that they both belong to the same brand.

13. The beginning and end of the snowfall

14. The egg above was laid by an old hen, and the egg below was laid by a young hen who had just started laying eggs.

15. Two years difference

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