17 pets whose faces speak without words (18 photos)

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23 March 2024

Animals can easily rival humans in expressing emotions. If they experience any feelings, pets do not hesitate to demonstrate them, with the spontaneity inherent only to them and children. At times, pets have such expressive faces that the owner rushes to grab the camera to capture the moment and later laugh at their funny antics. Take a look!

1. He saw me throw away his old toy

2. My cat belatedly decided she didn't want to take a bath.

3. My dog made a new best friend tonight and I think he's in love.

4. When Ravioli first saw his puppies

5. Can I ask for one more treat?

6. They know for sure that I'm about to give birth.

7. This is the expression my cat makes when he’s caught doing something bad.

8. My cat sniffs our newborn we just brought home.

9. I pet the dog

10. Pixie is very happy

11. This is the look of disgust my cat gives me if I don’t treat her with anything.

12. He saw the neighbor's goats, which he really doesn't like.

13. Parent's cat is shocked when I wash myself in the shower

14. She gets angry when we don't let her lick the carpet.

15. Insulted and offended

16. My cat takes over the vantage point when I go to the toilet.

17. Master, are we sure we’re not going for a walk?

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