Bunker for billionaires: a luxurious refuge in case of a serious disaster (10 photos + 1 video)

2 March 2024

The American company SAFE (Strategically Armored and Fortified Environments) offers an ideal shelter for the mega-rich in case of the end of the world. The bunker will be equipped with the latest technology and will be able to protect its inhabitants from any external threats. By the way, it is already under construction.

Against the backdrop of growing reports of military conflicts, climate change, possible nuclear attacks and mass shootings, I really want to find a place where I can safely hide from all this.

While ordinary people prepare for the worst by stocking up on canned goods and learning survivalist techniques, the super-rich are offered a much nicer alternative in the form of a luxury bunker.

It will be equipped with a ring of fire, an escape tunnel, water cannons to protect against intruders, high-tech medical rooms and decontamination booths, electric fencing and other useful systems.

The unique bunker is designed to protect property and everyone inside from threats from the outside world. The SAFE company, which is the author of the project, claims that the shelter can withstand an explosion at a distance of “one mile from ground zero.”

To access the bunker, there is a drawbridge that spans a 9-meter-deep ditch surrounding the complex, and can be used on calm days (that is, when the shelter is not under attack) for jet skiing.

Inside this modern fortress there is a tunnel equipped with flamethrowers and gas systems that leads to a closed steel gate. Inside there is also a steel escape tunnel, a luxurious lounge and disinfection booths to keep people safe and happy.

Water cannons mounted outside can destroy parachutes, helicopters and more.

SAFE specializes in creating customized and secure projects for people with a healthy bank balance.

Even though the project is under construction and more than 80 percent complete, there is still a lot of work to be done—and it has already cost millions.

Al Corby, president and founder of SAFE, told The Hollywood Reporter that the company is aimed at the mega-wealthy.

“Many of them buy King Airs or older airplanes without electronic avionics, and also have one or two older cars built before 1986 in their collection that can operate in EMP [electromagnetic pulse] conditions,” Al says. — The novelty lies in the fact that now they are moving from the idea of a nuclear “bang-bang” to the idea of protection against local threats. The real threat is a power grid failure, which, ironically, is the plot of the movie Leave the World Behind. In situations like this, protecting life is as important as having food and water.”

Al Corby noted that the bunker cost millions of dollars to build and is not yet finished.

There are plans to build even more escape routes. “All sorts of evacuation devices and systems will be added, but I can’t talk about that, I’ll just say that all superyachts have helicopters and submarines,” he told the publication.

In one of the virtual videos released by SAFE, the facility can be seen from the outside, with its high fencing and entrance through a steel gate. The car drives up to the gate past cameras, high-intensity flashes of light and retractable bollards. A communications system is provided to gain entry, and a high-voltage electrical fence is installed at the top of the shelter.

Another video shows what happens after you go through the steel gates: a long driveway leads to a moat. Next is a drawbridge. In addition to retaining walls along the perimeter, there are thorny vegetation and water cannons on the other side of the moat.

Such security measureswon't come cheap - so much so that there are still no specific prices available online, and the company suggests asking directly for an appraisal of the most coveted bunker on the market.

SAFE is not the first company to build bunkers for billionaires: contractors such as Creative Home Engineering and Vivos have previously made headlines.

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