The dog was tied to a pole and abandoned on the street (15 photos)

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2 March 2024

People saw a dog tied to a pole in the middle of the city. The poor fellow looked around and seemed to be waiting for his owners to come back for him or approach him. But alas, no one returned...

In the heart of the city of Santa Monica in the USA, people noticed a dog tied to a pole. The poor guy looked around in confusion and waited for someone to save him or for his owners to come back for him. But they didn't return. Concerned about his fate, residents turned to the local organization Love Leo Rescue, and they volunteered to help the dog.

It turned out that Buckley had been living with homeless people for a long time. They moved around the city, and always tied him down somewhere. He spent his entire life on the streets and did not always have access to water and proper food. Despite all the difficulties, Buckley turned out to be an extremely sweet and gentle creature.

“Despite everything he had to endure, Buckley remained surprisingly affectionate. When we first approached him, he timidly wagged his tail. He seemed relieved to see us,” said the rescue organization.

The dog was very dirty and shabby when he was first brought to the shelter. It took two baths to clean him completely - but after that Buckley really blossomed! They immediately began looking for owners for him: employees carefully selected a family that could be responsible for the dog and understand his needs and behavior. Fortunately, the ideal family was quickly found.

Now Buckley has a home where he is a beloved member of the family. This boy is enjoying life and learning how to be a pet. Thanks to the kind people for saving this dog!

Here's how Buckley lives now:

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