Alpaca got stuck in a fence and was rescued after 16 hours (2 photos + 1 video)

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19 February 2024

Farmer John Hyson, counting his alpacas in the evening, became very worried, because he was missing one animal.

But since it was already dark, a resident of Dartmoor (Devon, England) had to stop the fruitless search and postpone it until the morning. The next day, the missing alpaca turned up in a very difficult situation - she was stuck in a fence and apparently had been stuck there for about 16 hours. John was very frightened when he saw that the pet’s eyes were glazed over. However, the animal was breathing, albeit very weakly. First of all, the farmer armed himself with garden shears and freed the captive, and then began to rub her to warm her and help her breathe.

After 45 minutes, the alpaca rose to its feet, which John, of course, was happy about. It looks like the animal is fine. The farmer added that alpacas are quite hardy creatures, but he still considers the rescue of one of the pets a real miracle.

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