Dog or cat: scientists have found out which pet is more useful (3 photos)

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9 January 2024

While some scientists are calculating how harmful it is to live with pets, others are actively deciding who is more useful - a cat or a dog.

In general, they are all useful, yes, yes! Cats help lower blood pressure, and dogs reduce the risk of dementia. However, there is one "but"...

According to a study from the universities of Florida, Michigan and Virginia, owning a pet, especially if the pet has been with a person for more than five years, slows the decline of brain function in old age. However, if you compare the benefits that cats and dogs bring to people, the results will be different.

Dogs, in particular, reduce the risk of developing dementia in old age by 40 percent. Japanese scientists attribute this to the fact that having a dog forces people to walk more and provokes communication with more people, which has a beneficial effect on the brain. In addition, dog owners take an average of 2,760 steps per day by walking their pets, which helps increase their physical activity.

In the case of cats, the picture is different - such pets have virtually no effect on physical activity.

Professor of veterinary medicine at the University of Lincoln, Daniel Mills, notes that it is very important for humans and cats to develop a good relationship: it is very beneficial for mental health. Researchers studying interactions between cat owners and their pets have found that cats help reduce stress, irritability and anxiety, and help lower blood pressure and heart rate.

In fact, pets act "as a natural anti-aging agent."

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