Festive outfits - good and not so good (31 photos)

7 January 2024

The New Year has already arrived, but the holidays continue. And some allow themselves to relax during this period, not only in terms of food, but also clothing - to forget about the boring dress code for a while.

People dress up in silly socks and reindeer sweaters. And they dress up their pets so that they, too, can feel all the charm of the festive atmosphere. Some perceive the owner's quirks quite favorably, while there are also ponytails who categorically do not like such an encroachment on their own carcass.

1. Life is pain

2. Sad Santa and no less sad Rudolph

3. Can I go now?

4. When you have to work on holidays

5. Tamara and I are an angry couple.

6. Do they really think that I’ll whisk them off somewhere?

7. Sultry Christmas tree

8. The main thing is that the suit fits

9. Magnificent trio

10. Enchanted, bewitched

11. What are you watching? Treat!

12. And we trusted the owner so much...

13. I like it, I catch the positive!

14. Hopelessness

15. Now there will be a bite

16. Sitting by the Christmas tree - me and my Masha

17. When everything has been met and everything has been noted

18. Koshurochka, dressed up for the holiday, came to us

19. And I can’t escape this...

20. It remains to wait a little until the harsh everyday life

21. Concentrated elegance

22. Casual style

23. Hurray, the New Year is becoming old!

24. The owner took revenge on me for dropping the tree

25. I'm glad they'll be going to work soon

26. The main thing is that the owner smiles

27. D'Artagnan and company

28. I can’t hold on anymore

29. Baskets withmiracles

30. Bells, bells scream joyfully

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