Heterochromia is different and beautiful (31 photos)

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7 January 2024

Heterochromia refers to a deficiency or excess of the melanin pigment, as a result of which the eyes, skin or hair in different areas may differ significantly.

Among our smaller brothers, this phenomenon, although due to prosaic reasons - genetics, illness or injury, but gives the owners of different eyes some kind of mystical attractiveness. Variegation of eyes occurs mainly in cats, the color of which is predominantly white. Such cats look touching and magical, simply forcing you to plunge into the bottomless depths of your colorful gaze for a moment.

1. Double miracle

2. Learn to be surprised

3. Touching braid

4. Fluffy Chimera

5. A mesmerizing miracle

6. Games of nature

7. The magic of a look

8. Odd-eyed mischief maker

9. The magic of black. And fluffy

10. Frowning

11. Colors of nature

12. Almost an elf

13. This is what surprise looks like

14. Hypnotist

15. The universe in a glance

16. Light reproach

17. Contrasting addition

18. They came together - azure and green

19. Careless strokes

20. I won’t allow you to be teased!

21. Toy cuteness

22. Almost a bunny

23. Half

24. Mix of shades

25. An ordinary miracle

26. The charm of a redhead

27. Ocean and desert

28. Aspiring Wizard

29. Pure delight

30. Striped charm

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