Cats by the fireplace (26 photos)

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21 December 2023

Living fire is fascinating, but in modern realities it is used mainly for practical purposes. But there is an exception - a fireplace. Even artificial ones create a special atmosphere of comfort in the house.

If a fireplace warms the body, then the cats sitting next to it will warm the soul. They are wary of fire (possibly due to genetic memory), but they can spend hours in fascination watching the play of flames, filling the space with a uterine rumbling. A cat and a fireplace are perhaps the ideal duo for a winter interior.

1. Simple miracles

2. Cozy evening

3. Shining eyes and living flame

4. There is never too much happiness

5. Two people are warmer

6. Warm atmosphere

7. Warm your paws

8. True happiness

9. Perfect combination

10. Nap after dinner

11. Warm dreams

12. Join us

13. Poetry of flame

14. Time to lie down

15. Living flame

16. Perfect winter

17. Mood to wallow

18. A ball of plush

19. What could be more wonderful in life?

20. Don’t wait for a miracle, become one

21. Let's go on reconnaissance

22. Royal bed

23. Tic-tac-toe

24. In languid bliss

25. There is happiness

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