11 interesting facts about the film "Run Lola Run" (8 photos)

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7 December 2023

The cheerful and energetic German film “Run, Lola, Run,” released in 1998, appealed to many residents of our vast planet, in particular for its very unusual plot with three different endings, as well as for its cheerful techno soundtrack and almost constant movement .

1. In the original, the film is simply called “Lola Runs” (Lola rennt), but British and American localizers decided to embellish the title a little. As a result, they came up with (Run Lola run), which is a reference... no, not to Forrest Gump, but to the song "Run rabbit run" (Run, rabbit, run). Well, localizers decided to follow the example of their American colleagues and also released a film called “Run, Lola, Run.”

2. Before filming began, the lead actress, Franka Potente, was a heavy smoker. But since she understood that in the film she would have to run a lot, she had to quit smoking, otherwise she would simply “spit out her lungs.”

But that's not all. In order to prepare for this role, Franke had to run at least 8 kilometers.

But it wasn’t any easier during filming, as it was wildly hot outside, and red hair dye was literally dripping down my face. And according to the actress, running in Martins was terribly uncomfortable for her.

3. I don’t know if this is true or not, but there is a story that the director put real money in the bag, namely the fee of Franka Potente and her on-screen boyfriend, Manny, played by actor Moritz Bleibtreu. Thus, he wanted the leading actors to be more naturally concerned about the money in the bag.

4. Remember the blind woman who Manny asks for a phone card? In fact, this woman was played by the actor’s mother, Monica Bleibtreu. And by the way, she is a very famous actress, although mainly in her homeland.

5. At the time of filming the film “Run Lola Run,” Franka Potente was dating the director of the film, Tom Tykwer.

6. Director Tom Tykwer said that the film “Run Lola Run” would have been the last in his directorial career if it had failed at the box office. But in the end, with a budget of DM 3.5 million (about $2 million), the film grossed around $14 million worldwide.

7. The tattoos you see on Lola are not makeup. These are real tattoos of actress Franka Potente.

8. According to Franka Potente, she was dumbfounded when Tom Tykwer gave her a thong and told her to wear it, since regular panties would not be suitable for filming in the film. This was the first time in the actress's life that she actually wore a thong.

9. According to the director, they filmed some scenes without permission from the authorities. It was a little risky, but it all worked out in the end.

10. In order for Lola to scream correctly and for a long time in the casino, actress Franka Potente attended special courses. So it's not just like that.

11. Franka Potente is not only an actress, but also a singer. It is in her performance that we can hear the song in the final credits of the film.

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