The strangest work in the world found in Pakistan (6 photos + 2 videos)

1 December 2023

What can you think of as weirder than a man pretending to be a woman and playing fox-man in a real zoo for 12 hours a day?

Yes, it’s difficult to perceive this by ear, so let’s look at the photograph again.

This happened in Pakistan's Karachi Zoo. There they claim that they have captured a specimen of the mythical female fox Maa-fauq-ul-fitrat, Mumtaz Begum for short.

This is the beautiful outside enclosure of a man-fox

And she has been sitting in their cage for several years now for the amusement of the public. At the same time, visitors can even talk to the animal, which can also predict the future and responds quite wittily.

That’s why it’s so difficult to find a replacement for a half-fox worker; it has to be a real stand-up comedian.

Here in the video he even moves his paw himself, how cute.

She honestly tells the kids that she was born 35 years ago in Africa. And that she eats cakes, fruits and juices. At the same time, the half-fox is a polyglot; she can respond in several languages.

Best (weird) job in the world

Look, what a beauty she is lying there! Handkerchiefs are also changed regularly. She's a woman!

The man who plays the fox puts on feminine makeup, puts on a headscarf (!) and hides in a box under a supposed cage. On top lies a stuffed fox without a head, and the man sticks his head into the hole and connects his head and the fox's body. The joints are coquettishly covered with a wide scarf.

Traditionally, a man is always chosen for this role, although he has to play a woman. This is because not all people behave nicely with a fictional animal. Some may hurl insults or ask derogatory questions.

But, like many men, he doesn’t know how to wear makeup.

A man does not take this to heart and reacts faster to this. After all, he himself plays the role of a fictional woman, so insults do not hurt him. But the girls would be offended by this, and the zoo cannot even afford the chance that he would expose the girls to caustic insults.

Work by inheritance

The role of the fox was inherited by her previous actor to his son. Murad Ali has been playing the mythical fox wife since he was 16 years old. He has everything good in his life, a wife and two children, and also an incredibly strange job.

- People who come to see Mumtaz Begum leave here happy. And if they are happy, then I become happier. A bond of love appears between me and them. Life is so short, and it’s worth spending it to put as many smiles on other people’s faces as possible, that’s what Murad Ali says. And you immediately understand how correctly they chose the actor for the role of the fox.

You can ask Mumtaz Begum anything. Students come to her to ask how they will pass their exams, or parents come to her to ask for advice about their children’s marriage. This is a special art of answering so that everyone leaves happy.

Mumtaz Begum is most popular among women and children, who most sincerely perceive her as a real magical creature. Just as our kids believe in Santa Claus, they believe in a magic fox sitting in a cage at the zoo. The only difference is that you can really go to her and talk to her any day.

Kleka is behind bars so that children do not stick their hands in and touch the actor’s face. But they are happy

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