Films with a small budget that became real hits of the 21st century (10 photos)

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29 November 2023

What is 5 million dollars in modern cinema? This is only enough... for coffee and cookies. The big boys start working when the budget starts from hundreds of millions and above. With such numbers you can already do something, but with such pennies you can only make sitcoms or some kind of art house. Oh, how wrong people are with this approach. Yes, 5 million is ridiculous money by today's standards. However, this is quite enough to make a cult hit. Some of the films in this selection did not break even with that budget, such as Donnie Darko. But at the same time, they have become audience favorites, as evidenced by ratings on popular aggregators. And please note that this applies not only to Hollywood, but also to European and Asian cinema.

Moon 2112 (UK, 2009)

Budget: $5 million

IMDb: 7.8

They cheaply showed human life on another planet. Even just one.

Donnie Darko (USA, 2001)

Budget: $4.5 million

IMDb: 8.0

They showed cheaply how an unusual young man saves the world from the end of the world.

City of God (Brazil, 2002)

Budget: $3.3 million

IMDb: 8.6

They showed the harsh life in Brazilian favelas cheaply.

Obsession (USA, 2014)

Budget: $3.3 million

IMDb: 8.5

They showed cheaply how a talented musician can become a genius if you find him a good tutor.

Memories of Murder (South Korea, 2003)

Budget: $2.8 million

IMDb: 8.1

They showed cheaply how difficult it can be to identify a serial killer even in a small town.

The Lives of Others (Germany, 2006)

Budget: $2 million

IMDb: 8.4

They showed cheaply that “Comrade Major” knows how to sympathize.

Search (USA 2018)

Budget: $880,000

IMDb: 7.6

They showed cheaply how you can find a missing person using his social network activity.

Divorce of Nader and Simin (Iran, 2011)

Budget: $500,000

IMDb: 8.3

They showed cheaply how difficult it is to get a divorce in Iran.

Man from Earth (USA, 2007)

Budget: $200,000

IMDb: 7.8

They cheaply showed how a man confesses to his friends that he is immortal.

Once Upon a Time (Ireland, 2007)

Budget: $150,000

IMDb: 7.8

They showed cheaply how different people are brought together by music and loneliness.

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