The road is calling: emotions of four-legged travelers (31 photos)

27 November 2023

Even the most inveterate homebodies sometimes have to leave their cozy nest and go on an adventure. There is no choice - this is what the gods want, this is what the owners want. Other four-legged brothers, on the contrary, like to change the picture of the world and stand for any kind of kipish.

Despite initially different emotions, travelers still get pleasure to one degree or another. And they show it in the photo.

1. A smile will make everyone brighter

2. You're right, it was worth it

3. Mountain dreams

4. The perfect duet

5. I love my owner

6. There is nothing better in the world than wandering around the world with friends

7. Let's go!

8. Did I do well?

9. It was not in vain

10. Conquerors of peaks

11. Who is great? Well done!

12. Magnificent trio

13. Protection is important

14. And this is the flight of the soul

15. He, you, I are a friendly family together

16. Window to nature

17. Understanding is looking in one direction

18. I am a snow leopard, I see the soul of the mountains

19. When will it be possible to swim?

20. Both nose and ears are in the wind

21. There’s a big world out there and it’s beautiful.

22. Imbued with and appreciated

23. Make a serious mosya

24. Heart of the World

25. Sunset or dawn

26. Under the sound of wheels

27. New path

28. Window to nature

29. We managed it, even though it was difficult

30. Words are unnecessary

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