A Chinese man built a business by destroying wedding photos of divorced people (5 photos + 1 video)

20 November 2023

A new business idea is actively developing in China: an entrepreneur surnamed Liu destroys wedding photos of divorced couples by sending them video evidence. He launched such a business with the goal of “protecting the privacy of divorced people.”

An entrepreneur surnamed Liu from Langfang, China, destroys wedding photos of divorced couples and makes money from it. He shreds the photographs in a special machine, and then sends a video of the destruction process to customers. According to the man, the idea came to him in order to protect the privacy of divorced people. He also explained why he uses a shredder:

"Most wedding photographs are made of acrylic material, which is not easy to burn. In many places, there are also customs that prohibit burning photographs of living people," says the businessman.

According to Liu, his services are now in great demand. The cost of work depends on the weight, and starts from 10 yuan to more than 100 yuan. Customers simply mail their photos to the shredding center, have the photos destroyed, and film the process. Before shredding, the photo is also slightly darkened with spray paint. All trimmings are then disposed of.

"Our company is gaining popularity. We are receiving orders from every province and municipality throughout China except Tibet," says Liu.

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