14 interesting facts about the film “Four Rooms” that many people don’t know (8 photos)

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20 November 2023

"Four Rooms" is a 1995 American black comedy film consisting of 4 different episodes shot by different directors, but united by the main character, the receptionist Ted (Tim Roth).

1. Initially, the film was supposed to have five episodes, and the tape itself was supposed to be called “Five Rooms.” But even before filming began, it was decided to abandon the fifth room.

2. Each episode of the film was shot by a different director in his style:

3. The first episode starred the famous singer Madonna. But she was so unhappy with the way she looked in the final cut of the film that she refused to participate in the film's promotions.

Madonna in the Bridal Suite episode "The Missing Ingredient"

4. Bruce Willis starred in the fourth episode of the film for free because he wanted to work with Quentin Tarantino again after Pulp Fiction. But since, according to the rules of the Actors Guild, he could not act for free, his name was not indicated in the credits.

Bruce Willis in the episode "Penthouse: The Man from Hollywood"

Although, I don't understand. What prevented him from filming for a symbolic $1? Many people do this to get photos from friends.

5. Robert Rodriguez, responsible for the third episode of "Trouble Makers", began filming his part of the film just a week after the filming of the film "Desperado" ended. And let me remind you that Antonio Banderas starred in both films.

Robert Rodriguez directs episode three of Four Rooms

6. It is known that Robert Rodriguez likes to cast his friends and relatives in small (episodic) roles in his films. For example, in the film “The Faculty” he filmed his own sister. You can read more about the filming of this film in my separate article.

And in the episode "Troublemakers" he starred his other sister Patricia Vonne. She got the very unusual role of a dead woman in a bed. All the best goes to relatives.

Episode "Troublemakers"

7. At Ted's reception you can see a pack of Red Apple cigarettes. This is a fictitious brand that old Quentin constantly uses in his paintings.

8. Initially, the role of Ted was supposed to be played by Steve Buscemi, who also worked with Quentin Tarantino in the film “Reservoir Dogs,” but he could not take part. In the end, the role went to Tim Roth.

It's funny that the role of the store clerk in the film "From Dusk Till Dawn" was originally intended for Tim Roth, and then for Steve Buscemi. But both actors were unable to take part. You can read more about the filming of the film “From Dusk Till Dawn” in one of my previous articles.

9. In the episode “The Man from Hollywood,” Tarantino’s character bets his Chevrolet Malibu car. This is essentially a reference to the film "Pulp Fiction", where John Travolta's hero drove through this car. True, some scoundrel stole this car.

Tim Roth and Quentin Tarantino

10. Despite the fact that the film did very well with audiences, it turned out to be a financial failure, earning only $4.25 million against a budget of $4 million. And Madonna even received the Golden Raspberry as the worst supporting actress.

11. The idea to create a film from several directors with a single main character came to Alexander Rockwell, the author and director of the second episode of “The Wrong Man.” And the other three directors supported this idea. But since the Directors Guild prohibited several directors from making films, the guys temporarily left the guild.

12. It is known that Tarantino simply loves to use the word “F*CK” repeatedly in his films. For example, in “Reservoir Dogs” this word was said 272 times, in the movie “Pulp Fiction” - 265 times, in the movie “Death Proof” - 148 times.

But still, the relative record belongs to the episode “The Man from Hollywood” from the film “Four Rooms”. This word was said as many as 193 times, and this is taking into account the fact that the episode lasts only 21 minutes, and not 1.5 hours.

13. In the third episode, the film “BadHead” by Robert Rodriguez is on TV. Well, let me remind you that it was he who directed the third episode. So to speak, a reference to his own project.

14. Tarantino’s hero asks to give Ted just 1 minute of his precious time, and even asks to record the time on a stopwatch. But when the minute ends, in fact almost 1.5 minutes have passed.

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