The actors of the film "Oppenheimer" in comparison with the real participants in those events (10 photos)

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27 July 2023

Christopher Nolan's film "Oppenheimer" is based on real life events. The painting tells us the story of the life of the physicist Robert Oppenheimer, involved in the development of the first atomic bomb. nolan invited a lot of actors of the first magnitude, who perfectly coped with the role. But do they look like real participants in those events? Let's find out in our collection.

Cillian Murphy as Robert Oppenheimer

Robert Oppenheimer is a theoretical physicist and the protagonist of the story.

Emily Blunt as Katherine Oppenheimer

Emily Blunt played the role of biologist Kitty, who was the wife and mother of Oppenheimer's children.

Matt Damon as Leslie Groves

Leslie Groves is a lieutenant general in the U.S. Army and military leader of the Manhattan Project.

Florence Pugh as Jean Tetlock

Gene Tetlock is an American psychiatrist. She was also a communist wrote for the party publication Western Worker. Known for its romantic relationship with Robert Oppenheimer.

Robert Downey Jr as Lewis Strauss

Lewis Strauss is a naval officer, philanthropist and businessman. He played important role in the development of nuclear energy and US policy. He also twice was chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission.

Josh Hartnett as Ernest Lawrence

Ernest Lawrence is a physicist and Nobel laureate for the creation of the first cyclotron.

Rami Malek as David Hill

David Hill is an American physicist. Engaged in the development of nuclear reactor in the E. Fermi group. Was one of 49 scientists who observed launch of the first nuclear reactor.

Dylan Arnold as Frank Oppenheimer

Frank Oppenheimer is a physicist who specialized in particle physics. He also taught at the University of Colorado.

Tom Conti as Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is a famous theoretical physicist and one of the founders of modern theoretical physics. In 1921 he became a laureate Nobel Prize.

Kenneth Branagh as Niels Bohr

Niels Bohr is a famous Danish theoretical physicist and public figure. figure. Along with Einstein, he is one of the founders of modern physics. Nobel Prize Laureate.

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