"Before and after": cleanliness fans get down to business (17 photos)

28 June 2023

Cleaning... a word that rarely makes anyone happy. Many people are ready for any tricks, just to delay induction cleanliness in the house for later. However, there are those for whom house cleaning is real holiday. And they can be understood! After all, when you see such a cool result, then the soul immediately becomes joyful, and all spent the effort was 100% worth your time.

Cleaned up the swing. No, it's not green paint, it's years of dirt.

Car seat got a new life

First wash in 5 years

I am very satisfied with my work

Washers realized they got the wrong house, but at least we got a free sample

It turns out that all this time the tiles were colored

Cleaned the wall of a 30-year-old pool

The dog clearly likes cleanliness

The most obvious "before" and "after"

Excellent result

I was sure that this fence was gray, but the washer convinced me otherwise.

Dirty colors become pastel

What a contrast

My sister tried

Visual difference

Now the flower bed is like new

Tidy up your backyard

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