20 soulful gifts for animals made by owners (21 photos)

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28 June 2023

Netizens shared interesting and heartfelt gifts they made for their furry pets.

Pets are not just some cute animal, dwelling with you under the same roof! Over time, these guys become real family members. And, of course, like any of your loved ones, we want to spoil them with some nice things.

When life gives you lemons

I made a small lemonade stand for my hamster.

"I knitted a bow tie for my handsome boy"

I wonder if the dog's name is Harry?

I made a dog house under the stairs.

"I made a real cat tree for my two cats"

Who lives at the bottom of the ocean?

I made a spongebob house for my dog out of cardboard and papier mache.

Now the pet is warm

I knitted a rainbow sweater for my snake Sappho.

royal place

Made his 17-year-old King Arthur an iron throne out of cardboard.

Drinker for bees

I noticed that every time I watered the plants, the bees drank the water that was left on the ground. So I made a bee bath-drinker from a bowl and stones. Now they crowd around drinking and buzz. They have become my cute little friends!

The original bed

It may not be perfect, but I'm proud of my handmade cat bed.

Toy with a secret

I made a big cat toy with catnip!

Lace collar

Crocheted openwork collar for a cat or a small dog.

Closer to nature

A small cat scratching post that I made a couple of months ago.

Staircase for an old friend

My old dog loves to swim but can't climb the stairs, so I made a new convenient ladder for her in pool.

dressy guy

I made my dog a hat and bandana for his birthday. It's hard to find funny accessories for big dogs!

cat yurt

cactus scratching post

Stylish home for a caudate

Actually, I'm a carpenter. I had a free weekend so I made my dog a bed.

Sweater and panama hat for your favorite rat

“My husband and I made a doghouse today!”

spiny hobbit

Unreasonably proud of the hobbit house I made for my hedgehog.

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