"The Last Stronghold of Cinema" Discovered in Egypt (9 photos)

14 March 2023

In the depths of the Sinai desert, under the open sky, there was a cinema, to which the audience never came.

This abandoned cinema awaits audiences that have never will come. It looks like a mirage and you can easily disbelieve your eyes discovering this surreal spectacle in the hot Egyptian desert.

The cinema is located on the Sinai Peninsula, you can see it on Google maps.

Those who know about the existence of a cinema in the desert call it "The End of World Cinema". Today it represents 150 worn seats, a broken screen base and a dilapidated room, in which once housed a projector and a generator.

This project was the idea of one Frenchman. Late 1990s he bought equipment for a cinema in Cairo. However, on the night when deserted cinema was supposed to premiere, it was disconnected from electricity.

Nobody still knows why the enterprising Frenchman turned off the electricity. It is known, however, that the local authorities were not in enthusiastic about the idea of a cinema in the middle of the desert, and people who know this story believe that it was they who were to blame for the malfunction of the generator.

One of the photographers who filmed the amazing movie trailer, said that this is a great scenario about how one sunny day in at the very beginning of the millennium, a crazy Frenchman ended up in the Sinai desert.

“He looked around and wondered why in the middle of the desert no cinema? - says the photographer. He flew back to Paris and agreed on money. After that he went to Cairo to buy armchairs and projection equipment from an old cinema. Then came back to Sinai, arranged a generator for electricity and hired a powerful machine, to raise a screen that looks like a giant sail. And now, it's all been ready for premiere.

Unfortunately, the open-air cinema was not to our liking. to local officials because it was built without a permit for state land. As a result, on the night of the premiere, an accident occurred with generator that thwarted the opening. Not that night or any other Not a single film was shown here overnight. Crazy dreams of a Frenchman about cinema the desert did not materialize, and since then the cinema has remained there as a monument builders from another dimension. And maybe there are still daredevils, who will restore the cinema and still turn on the projector here? ..

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