The road to school with a risk to life: amazing photos from around the world (32 photos)

2 March 2023

In some remote areas of China, Indonesia, India and other countries, children have to work with great difficulty and even risk their lives get to school. The road can run through mountains, rivers, deep snow. But there is nothing that would stop a person striving for knowledge.

How about a 5 hour commute to school?

On a path only half a meter wide, located high in the rocks

This path will take you to one of the most remote schools in the world in Gulu (China)

What about climbing to school using unsecured stairs?

This will be the road to knowledge in the village of Zhang Jiawang in China

This is how children get to boarding school in the Himalayas

And this is the normal way to get to school in Indonesia

Children act like professionals despite suspension bridge being damaged

In Colombia, children overcome 800 meters on a tightrope

And this happens at an altitude of 400 meters above the Rio Negro

And here is another Indonesian option: to school by canoe

The road to school on a bridge made of tree roots, somewhere in India

Children in Myanmar don't ride a bike to school, they ride a bull

In India, a popular way to get to school is by tuktuk.

Another road to the Chinese school - along a broken bridge in the snow

And Indonesia again: sailing to school on the roof of a wooden boat

In Sri Lanka, you have to walk on a board thrown over a gorge to get to a school.

In India, you often have to get to school in a crowd on a small boat.

Or on a wagon, and also in a crowd

In the village of Chilangkap (Indonesia), you have to cross the Chiherang River on a homemade bamboo raft

Would you like to walk 200 km to get an education in China?

Or walk on a tight rope 9 meters above a river in Indonesia?

Every single day

Or is your thirst for knowledge not so great?

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