Unknown motorcycle of the USSR with a rotary engine, Izh Leader (7 photos)

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14 February 2023

The times of the Soviet Union, it was a time of many discoveries and a large number of experiments in the field of automobile and bridge building. Then it was common to start a project of some new model and not bring it to the conveyor, leaving in single copies.

There were such examples at the Izhevsk Motor Plant, which in 80 years old received an assignment from the government, to make a motorcycle for escort of the first persons of the state. Models of such motorcycles were made two, today we will discuss one of them. The motorcycle was named Izh Leader and I must say that it was designed according to all the canons foreign technology, the appearance of the motorcycle openly spoke to us about this.

Many plastic panels were installed on the Leader fairings that well protected the motorcyclist from precipitation. highlight the motorcycle became the engine, which here was a rotary piston and had liquid cooling. The volume of such an engine was 613 cubic meters. centimeters, and the power is 52 horsepower, this is at 6000 rpm minute. The drive to the rear wheel is via a cardan shaft, front and The bike has disc brakes in the back.

As planned by the engineers, the motorcycle was supposed to spread not only among Soviet services, but also exported abroad, where also receive recognition and demand. But only two were made. instance, and the exact reason for not wanting to release this motorcycle serial, unknown. In any case, the specialists turned out to be good, unlike other domestic products, a motorcycle that Deserves attention.

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