"Conveniences" with a twist: 10 unique public toilets (11 photos)

22 November 2022

The most unusual necessary places on the planet

The culture of a country can be judged by the state of its public toilets. Who said it first is unknown, but the man knew a lot about culture. In our time, public "amenities" can even become attraction, which is visited not for the sake of need, but out of interest.

Segantini hut restroom, Engadin, Switzerland

In September 1899, the painter Giovanni Segantini retired to alpine hut on the Schafberg mountain above Pontresina to finish triptych "Life. Nature. Death" for the World Exhibition in Paris. My he met his death in this very place. And life and nature today you can enjoy here, at an altitude of 2731 m, having lunch in a mountain restaurant or sitting on the toilet. named after Segantini.

Hundert-wasser Toilets, New Zealand, Kawakawa

The last project of the Austrian Friedensreich Hundertwasser, completed during the life of the artist, as well as his only project in the South hemisphere. Artwork functions in standard mode public toilet, but more often photographed than used appointment.

Silk Cayes, Belize

A group of tiny islands in the middle of the Belize Barrier Reef protected marine reserve, a great place for diving and just swimming in crystal clear water. Only the sea, white sand, palm trees and a dry closet with two cabins. For especially intelligent tourists.

Sagar-Matha National Park, Nepal

Mount Ama Dablam is not the highest in the Himalayas, but one of the most picturesque. It is not difficult to come to this conclusion, contemplating its splendor on exit from the toilet, ideally placed at an altitude of 4730 m in Chukhung village on the slope of Everest. The main thing here is not to freeze.

Porcelain Palace, China, Chongqing

The largest and most luxurious public toilet in the world is made in style of Gaudí and is designed for 2000 visitors. There are urinals here heads of monsters and Madonnas, erotic sculptures, funny pictures, music is playing ... Porcelain Palace is more like an amusement park.

Monument Valley, USA, Utah/Arizona

“We strive to provide our customers with exactly what they need. deserve,” says the website of the American supplier of portable toilet cubicles, operating throughout the country, in particular in the Valley monuments. Among the cinematic rocks-outliers, typical booths beige colors look quite organic.

Café Achteck, Germany, Berlin

Berlin, as a modern and cultural city, does not experience lack of automated booths with self-cleaning. However, it remains there are about 30 historical latrines of the late 19th - early 20th centuries, dubbed the Cafe Octagon. In one of them, by the way, the heroes of the film "Agents of A. N. K. L." fought. Café Achteck originally were created for men, but now some have been rebuilt for the needs of both floors.

Confort toilettes normales, Tunisia, Chott el Jerid

Colorful cabins in the desert landscape of the planet Tatooine promise to be comfortable inside. Toilets on the edge salt lake are located near the location of the filming of "Star wars", namely from the Lars farm where Luke Skywalker grew up.

Krafla toilet, Iceland, Nordurland-Eistra

Perhaps the most mysterious and at the same time open bathroom in the world located slightly away from the road leading to the geothermal station Krafla, near the caldera of the same name. In the middle of a big patch of dirt there is a toilet with a shower. The shower is working and, moreover, hot, as powered by a thermal spring. The water is clean. The toilet is very popular with tourists. Like an art object.

Barafu Camp, Tanzania, Kilimanjaro

Barafu assault camp is located at an altitude of 4600 meters. Here connects several routes. After a cold night in a tent six hours to the summit (5895 m). Morning over the abyss in the camp long-drop toilet, whatever that means, it's time to think is it worth going further.

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