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11 March 2023

A selection of videos from the Internet, in which they joke about what stupid things the Russian army does and in every possible way ridicule the military incidents of the occupiers that are happening in Ukraine.

The French don't like Russians

Payment of fines for traffic violations is returned to Diyu

For some time the service did not work because the payment of fines was transferred to new details. This required that funds go to local budgets, and not to one account, as before. The modification has been successfully completed.

Briefly about today's shelling (checkmate)

Illustration of Russian opinion polls

If you really want to know what happened in the Bryansk region, then spring has come there

Each of Peskov’s justifications is a separate gem. But in the performance of actor Yuri the Great, at least some meaning appears in these pearls.

Laughing means we don't give up!

Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters published how they got into the ring in Bakhumta

200th glory

A Ukrainian blogger, under the guise of a Belgorod resident, deceives the Russians every day, and they believe him.

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