This is the Russian mobilization in the second army of the world. Part 52

11 March 2023

A selection of videos from the network, which shows all the nuances of the Russian mobilization of the second army of the world, which throws all its forces into the war and as a result of which the government is unable to help those mobilized people.

70 prisoners who went to fight against Ukraine were still sent to prison at the front

The recruited prisoners are being kept in a basement in Donetsk for the second day. They were placed there after a conflict with the command. The prisoners allegedly demanded decent treatment. The video says that the conditions are worse than in a regular prison.

Or maybe they decided to stay alive this way

Just listen to this conversation! Kaliningrad mobs tell the command about the situation

You can plant! What are 5, 7, 10 years there? Fuck it!

A lot of interesting:

About suicides of colleagues;

Suicidal assaults and conflict with the DPR army;

How a company dies in a week;

Are they asking you to pull your colleagues out of a hole? an improvised prison for those who refused to go on the assault;

It’s better to go to prison and tell others than to identify them piece by piece in a photo later

It’s really bad with those mobilized at the military registration and enlistment offices, they employ coaches who motivate women to send their husbands

A female coach said that to increase testosterone, you need to send your husband to fight in Ukraine, and if he doesn’t want to, report him to the military registration and enlistment office.

He added that it’s not scary if a man is killed, because you can get money for him.

There is a chance to settle accounts with those who longed for help

The head physician of St. Petersburg polyclinic No. 99, Alexander Zagorodnikov, forces employees to hand out summonses to patients who come for appointments.

Instead of evacuating from the field, a Buryat with a torn hand was given a battle... a sleeping bag

A Buryat from the Bichur region went on the attack, but came under fire. With broken legs and a torn hand, he crawled for days to his positions, but instead of evacuating the seriously wounded man, he was simply given a sleeping bag

If he doesn’t lie back, let him lie down some more. Russians don't abandon their own!

They give birth to a mortar to each other. About providing orcs

Mobilized people complain about impunity of PMC Wagner

Prisoners, in turn, complain that they are not given ammunition for combat operations

And everyone complains together that the so-called. the DPR leadership throws them into rear attacks to their death

The second army in the world shows miracles of coherence only during retreats! We're waiting for them to shoot each other themselves.

Sitting in GOA, the “yama of the year” says that she is ready to send her sons to war

Having been in India for 6 months, she says she is ready to take charge of an ammunition manufacturing machine. Probably virtual

And then we sit and identify these asvabatites from photographs

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