Hurricane simulator opens in Denmark (7 photos + 1 video)

18 October 2022

The Danish city of Nordborg has recently opened a new interesting attraction for the general public. It's a Beat the Storm hurricane simulator which was developed by Storm Adventures Ltd not only for entertainment, but also to draw public attention to the problem climate change.

Most scientists agree that climate change in has made the weather more extreme in recent years. Research show that as a result of rising temperatures in densely populated mid-latitude cities such as Beijing, New York and Tokyo will collapse more tropical cyclones. In addition, scientists have found that record rainfall that triggered summer floods in Germany and Belgium was nine times more likely due to climate change.

To draw public attention to this problem, in Nordborg, Denmark, the world's first publicly available hurricane simulator was launched public as an attraction.

The attraction is located in the Universe Amusement and Science Park Science Park on Als Island. It is equipped with a wind tunnel, which can pump both a light breeze (35 km/h) and a hurricane wind of the 2nd category (160 km/h).

Additional equipment helps to simulate natural conditions for various types of terrain: city, forest, desert, mountains, etc.

Visitors from 4 to 80 years old can experience the power of the elements. To each special protective equipment is issued. Game attraction: guests must overcome a certain distance under the pressure of the wind and press the button at the finish. According to Troels Nim Anderson, head of the Beat project the Storm in Universe Science Park, this project attracts people of all ages, allowing them to experience feelings that cannot be experienced no other way.

“Our goal has always been to make science fun and while inspiring our visitors to become explorers and solve pressing issues,” he added.

The creators of the hurricane simulator plan to open such attractions not less than 100 theme parks, science museums and entertainment centers around the world.

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