Norwegian Ken Stornes jumped into the water from a height of 31.3 meters

24 August 2021

Norwegian Ken Stornes set a new record in an amateur diving competition with the telling title Death Diving.

He jumped from a height of 31.3 meters. The previous record was 27 meters.

Stornes himself published the record on the Internet. The video shows him jumping from a cliff and flying down in a horizontal position, with his arms and legs extended to the sides. It groups itself, taking a vertical position, only at the last moment before entering the water. This unusual and very risky style of jumping is a necessary condition for Death Diving competitions.

It would not be amiss to remind you that you should not repeat such tricks. When jumping from a height of 30 meters, a person develops a speed of 25 meters per second (90 kilometers per hour) at the entrance to the water. So an unsuccessful splashdown can result in injury or even death.

The absolute world record for high-height diving was set in 1987 by the Swiss Oliver Favre. He jumped from a tower 53.9 meters high. At the same time, in flight, he performed a double backflip. Another crazy jump was made in 1982 by American Dana Kunze. He jumped from a height of 52.5 meters. During the flight, the athlete performed a triple rotation.

Note that in 2015, the Swiss Lasso Challet jumped into a lake in the Alps from a height of 58.8 meters. This is higher than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. However, the record was not recorded, since the extreme sportsman was no longer able to get out of the water on his own.

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25 August 2021
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По моему не очень-то он вертикально вошел в воду
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