The cheapest kitchen knife turns into a sharp blade

22 June 2020

The guy bought a kitchen knife for one dollar at the supermarket and decided to see if he could sharpen it to a blade using several sharpening stones. As a result, the knife easily cut a sheet of paper and even cut through three plastic water bottles.

It's all about the correct sharpening technique. Sharpening with a whetstone is one of the most effective methods. To do this, you will need two stones: with small grains and large ones. Before proceeding to the sharpening process, you need to immerse the whetstone in oil or water for a few minutes, which will prolong its life, since steel particles will not accumulate between the grains. You should start sharpening with a coarse-grained stone.

It is important to correctly position the blade relative to the surface of the block, since the final result depends on this. The correct sharpening angle is no less important: it is better to sharpen a knife at an angle of 20°, but the angle may vary depending on the type of knife. For example, chef’s knives require an angle of 25°, Japanese kitchen knives are sharpened at an angle of 10–20°, and for hunting blades an angle of 30–45° is used. The rule here is simple: you need to make the knife sharper - reduce the sharpening angle, for greater resistance to dullness - increase it.

After the main sharpening, you need to start grinding - for this you will need a fine-grained stone. Sanding is necessary to smooth the surface of the blade. With proper patience and a little training, anyone can repeat the results from the video!

23 June 2020
Наточить и гвоздь можно, вопрос - сколько резов выдержит этот нож. И, кстати, чувак использовал 6 камней стоимостью 100-150 долларов каждый.
Мудрый Каа
Мудрый Каа
11 September 2020
Согласен. Бритва - для щетины. На кухне - острый нож с регулярной заточкой.

Мудрый Каа,
Почему мне флаг пиндосовский влепили? Замените на казахстанский, никогда я не был в СПШ.
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