In Indonesia, a crocodile lives with a collar made of river debris (4 photos + 1 video)

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12 January 2018

In Indonesia, tourists filmed an unusual crocodile living in one of the local rivers. The animal has to live with a tire constricting its throat. According to Indonesian zoologists, the reptile has been suffering from this tire for at least two years, but he has not been able to help: it is a crocodile.

Anyone who is at least somewhat interested in the environment has more than once come across stories about how the consequences of human activity literally become part of the lives of animals, whether they want it or not. Especially when it comes to dumping various waste into water. This happens everywhere - either a fisherman stumbles upon a pike that lives in a plastic wrapper dividing it in two, or other guys catch a lobster with the Pepsi logo firmly embedded in its claw.

Another such case occurred in Indonesia - there lives a crocodile with a collar made of a tire.

The poor but dangerous reptile was first discovered in a river near the coastal city of Palu in 2016. The crocodile was stuck in a scooter tire and was moving around with it around its neck. Then the incident was considered almost a funny incident, and the predator was not touched, but two years later he appeared in public again. The crocodile grew to almost four meters, but never got rid of the makeshift collar. Moreover, the reptile became even more stuck in the tire.

Several volunteers are trying to solve the problem under the supervision of local zoologists, but their attempts to lure the predator and remove the tire were unsuccessful. The crocodile does not stick out of the water even for bait in the form of a chicken, and people do not risk going to it in the river.

The photos spread across the Internet, and larger animal protection organizations drew attention to the animal’s problem. But despite their worries that the crocodile will suffocate in the tire squeezing its throat, they are also powerless.

"We tried to lure him with chicken and meat, but he did not touch the food. We have a crocodile trap, but it lacks the technical strength to keep a wild animal. The crocodile has grown to four meters in length, and the diameter of its neck is about 40 centimeters. He is getting bigger and the diameter of the tire on his neck seems to be only 35 centimeters, it is constricting his throat. If the tire is not removed in the coming months, it will suffocate the crocodile due to the fact that it will continue to grow."

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