Fathers who forbade bringing a dog into the house (16 photos)

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13 June 2017

We don't need a dog they said. And this is what happened :)

“Right after dad said the dog wasn’t allowed on the sofa.”

"My father always said that a dog in the house is evil. Now they sleep like this."

“My dad really didn’t want to have a dog, but now I sometimes find them like this.”

“My father will never admit how much he loves our old dog. But I found this photo on his phone and now he won’t turn away.”

“My dad was very against the dog at first... I think he’s already changed his mind.”

"And this is my father, who 'wants nothing to do with this dog.'

“He said, ‘I don’t want a dog.’ Then he said, ‘I don’t want another dog.’ Okay, okay, Dad.”

“He said that a dog would appear in the house only through his corpse.”

“My dad always says that he hates dogs.”

“My father was always strongly opposed to dogs in the house. I bought the puppy at my own peril and risk and expected a tub of slop...”

“Dad didn’t want to get a dog, but now they are best friends.”

"I'm not a dog person"

“The father was not enthusiastic about the idea of having a dog. But the puppy immediately fell in love with him...”

“My dad didn’t want a dog either, but 15 years later they are best friends and practically inseparable.”

“My dad keeps insisting that he doesn’t like dogs.”

"He really didn't want that damn dog."

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