Очень странные дела: 25 примеров крайне творческого подхода к жизни (26 фото)

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23 апреля 2023

Let's be honest, the vast majority of people like everything do it by the rules - because it's easy to thrive in a comfort zone, but to get out outside it can be scary. But from time to time everyone wants get a little weird: well, go out into the street in a tutu and a gas mask and dance the dance of little ducklings, for example. The heroes of this collection subreddit r/weirdwaytogetcreative definitely do not deny themselves similar oddities!

1. “I'm a cremation artist. I make custom items with ashes pets and people to honor the departed. Here is the galactic scope of my authorship"

2. “Tip: take a small figure of yourself with you on ice fishing to exaggerate the catch.”

3. “The cooler repairman left this mini-cooler as a business card.”

4. These are not yard flower beds-swans!


5. Deep in the forests of Indonesia stands an abandoned church in the shape of... chicken

6. "He was supposed to have a butt in his knitting pattern, so we added a thong to him."

7. a bit strange but very creative way to number the floors

8. “The groomer shaved my husky everywhere but the head. I can't stop crying"

9. Quite an original way to bake bread

10. “The mashed potatoes came out dry, so I sculpted my dad sitting on the couch.”

11. “My dad is convinced of the benefits of 15 minutes of sleep during the day, but he doesn't like to doze off in bed or on the couch because it too comfortable, and sleep will "win" in this case.

“During family gatherings, he may suddenly lie on the floor, coil around the nearest piece of furniture and pass out for 15 minutes. This no longer surprises anyone, and we all just step over it. Then he gets up and joins us again."

12. Well, what is he wrong about?

13. And how to look at belugas now?

14. "An art student drew this"

15. “I made new key chains - dinosaurs crawl out of the geode”

16. “I forgot my camera and tripod at home, and I had to take a couple of family photos somehow”

17. Megamind

18. “Did you know you can buy fake teeth online and stick them on anything?”

19. Minecraft sword in our reality

20. The picture is strange, but it seems nothing special ... For now you don’t understand what the “automatic” is made of (yes, this is her hairstyle)

21. Turning expensive mixers into lamps just out of boredom? Why not

22. “Roller horses, used once. 25 dollarslarov"

23. The best way to measure the height of snowdrifts is in milliliters!

24. This seems to be how Batman's enemies are usually born.

25. And the absolute leader in the top weirdness: jewelry with breast milk

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